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Delivering lowest cost, lowest impact energy security


Lowest cost, reliable electricity supply by integrating leading technologies
Technology agnostic advice and guidance 

End to end energy needs assessments and investment feasibility

Rapid feasibility Assessment

Our bespoke calculators & software tools allow us to rapidly assess your needs and limitations and revert with a costed action plan timeously.    

Design & Procurement 

  • Equipment specification & sizing

  • Detailed engineering plans

  • Costing & procurement from OEM 


  • Commercial hybrid solar / genset / battery solutions

  • Hybrid solar & battery installations

  • High-end residential solar installations 

  • Load shedding kits (UPS)

Financing Options

Through our partnerships with Independent Power Producers, we can help mitigate costs with Power Purchase Agreements or equipment leasing. 


We provide permitting and permission processes with local authorities and property associations. 

O & M 

(Operations and Maintenance)

We provide warranties and guarantees as well as ongoing support to ensure the longevity and productivity of your system.

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