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Affordable energy solutions for your home

With more than 12 years of experience in solar PV & battery installation, Blue Sky Energy is ideally placed to assess, design, procure, and construct your hybrid solar and battery storage solution. 

Complete our quick online assessment & take back the power today. 

Blue Sky Energy has solutions


South Africa is facing an electricity crisis with no end in sight.

Unpredictable disruptions         


Uncontrollable rising costs         


Increased risk to your security 

Blue Sky Energy can help  

Proven Track Record of Satisfied Customers

Energy Efficiency Audits


Strong After-Sales Service Ethic

Lowest Cost Solar PV & Battery Installation 

Fast Response


Funding Options


On-site Assessment

Energy Efficiency  Recommendations

Personal Attention

+ 15 Years of Experience

"The Blue Sky Energy Team are responsive and professional,
their workmanship is of an excellent standard, and the installation
has proved easy to use, effective and reliable." Constantia Hills

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